Topping D90SE, MQA at half service

Hi everyone, I’m using a Topping D90SE DAC connected via USB to an N25 Cocktail Audio (used as a streamer) and the Roon core installed on a synology NAS.
With this configuration I cannot make the Topping decode and render the MQA files, displaying only PCM and not MQA on the D90SE display. I can get OFS on the Topping, when I set Roon as decoder and D90SE as renderer. I can’t even bypass DSD files, Roon always converts them to PCM.
These problems do not occur when, instead of Roon, I use other DLNA players (mconnect, bubbleupnp …), the DSD or MQA logos are correctly shown on the D90SE display.
If, on the other hand, I use Roon and the Cocktail Audio N25 as streamer / DAC (without Topping) by connecting it directly to the amplifier it works correctly.
Can you help me?

To let the Toppong do all decoding there shouldn’t be any DSP in Roon. It should be absolutely untouched by Roon.


I have the Topping E50 Dac which supports MQA and DSD and the same is happening for me.
I even returned it for a replacement thinking that maybe it might have been faulty.

The same on the replacement. PCM only through Roon. Thru the Tidal app I can play MQA just fine.

All of the DSP settings in Roon are turned off.

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I am not familiar with the Cocktail Audio, but, it might have some settings that are affecting things. Try removing it from the audio chain and just plugging the DAC directly to the Core. If that isn’t possible connect the DAC to a PC running Roon and see if it works correctly that way.

Is the device that Roon is streaming to (i.e. the Cocktail) defined as an MQA “Decoder and Renderer”? It needs to be.


I’m glad you made this post. It made me revisit this. I first installed the E50 last December with (at the time) the latest drivers. Upon your post and revisiting this I discovered that last January, Topping posted a new driver v5.30.0. This is the same driver for your device. After installing this new driver, DSD is now working for me and it also has a DSD listed on front panel.

However for MGA it will display OFS instead of MQA. This will occur if i set Roon MQA to Decode and Render or just Render. If I set Roon MQA to Decode only, then it plays as PCM.

I have no idea what OFS stands for.

MQA will light up if I use Tidal thru the web browser.

BTW if you are not on the latest driver and upgrade to it, disconnect the device first, install driver, reboot and then reconnect DAC.

Hope this helps for you.

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OFS means it is rendering MQA. In other words the first unfold is done earlier and the DAC has detected a partially unfolded signal and is finishing the job.

This makes sense now. So when I get the MQA to light up when playing from the Tidal app, then the DAC is unfolding and rendering?

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It’s an acronym for the original sample rate of the MQA-encoded master (F subscript s is the sampling frequency).

Pretty much yes.

Where you able to find a fix for your DAC?

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Hello everyone, last night I did a test with my pc, on which I installed the Roon client and the latest usb drivers downloaded from the Topping site and I must say that the D90SE works correctly. At this point I think it is a problem due to the USB connection between Cocktail N25 and Topping (which I remember that using DLNA client works correctly)

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