Topping D90SE unlisted in DAC identification


I’m using Roon in combination with my SoTM Neo Ultra streamer and Topping D90 SE DAC.

Most topping devices are around for quite some time, but Roon asks me to identify the DAC, which is not in the Roon list.

When does Roon offer Topping support, other then ‘best-effort’. What features am I missing having an unlisted device?

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Topping have to be part of the Roon Tested program. Until then Roon will recognise its capabilities but it won’t give you the nice image and brand. If you want that you need to approach Topping.


Afaik all you are really missing is a nice little icon instead of the generic speaker box.
I have same with my Topping E30.
It works, it sounds good, I can live with the speaker icon.
You can still name it say Topping D90 or whatever you like so still easy to find in your audio zone list.

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None. Aside from the Icon and name, it uses a pre-selected default audio settings. So, saving you a couple of seconds in selecting the audio device’s settings. Personally, I don’t find that feature a bonus, as I want to review/select all the settings for my DAC.