Topping DX5 review

Looks like another winner. ES9068AS chips.


And for the objectivists, here are all the gory details…:wink:


This is Topping, so the measurements are right there at the bottom of the product page. Nice to see independent verification, of course.

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Indeed, though I find Amir’s no nonsense narrative along with the measurements much more readable than just straight graphs!:wink:

Top quality product that puts many high-priced audiophile DAC + headphone amp setups to shame…

Apart from when you need it serviced or repaired and you have to bin it as you have to ship it to China Toppings not really noted for its overall reliability and customer service.

I have 4 topping devices - DX7 Pro DAC/headphone amp, E50 DAC, L50 headphone amp, PA5 amplifier. All have performed flawlessly to date. In the event of any problems, you deal with the authorised retailer IME. Your contractual relationship is with the retailer, not the manufacturer. Though, of course, if you buy direct from the manufacturer…


I bought an A90/D90 stack from Apos audio out of California. Their products carry a 45 day return and a 2 year Apos warranty. .

The balanced output on the A90 crapped out. I sent it back to Apos, not China. A new device was sent out within a couple of weeks (this was at the height of the pandemic).

Yes, the original stock comes out of China, but I got it quicker than I’ve gotten things from the West coast.


I have a similar collection with the same results. E50 + L50 + PA5 stack plus the Pre90/Ext90 analog preamp and DX3 Pro+ DAC/Amp. Great experience so far. In my case, all purchased from Apos.

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Dx 7 Pro and an A90 here. No issues, both build like tanks.

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Just bought a Topping DX3 Pro+ (ESS 9038Q2M) and RME ADI-2 DAC FS (second hand with AKM 4493) with an idea of comparing them and other one would stay as my desktop headphone amp to be used with Dan Clark Aeon 2 Noires. Even though Topping measures better than the well regarded RME, the latter one sounded better (IMO) and Topping was returned. RME had slightly more natural and easy going sound signature compared to Topping. Filters used didn’t have much impact and I compared them with same filter settings. Topping is mighty impressive for the price though.

Same here. Topping D50s and D10s both working well with zero problems. I haven’t seen any evidence that Topping has higher failure rates than other manufacturers, or less longevity.

There was an issue with the L30 headphone amp but I seem to recall that Topping handled this quite well from a customer service point of view.

My unit shipped after I read the review and arrived quickly. After a week it was having issues “resetting” (display was repeating a loop of messages) and then it started to smell like something burning.

I’m having to return mine; hopefully the repaired unit lasts a while longer.

Purchased DX5. It’s a damn good DAC / AMP combo.
Very revealing with great tonality.

This one can easily replace much more expensive stacks.