Topping E50 DAC MQA low volume

Just purchased this new dac from topping and struggled to get MQA working properly, very low output.
If anyone has this issue there is a firmware update on the topping website that solved it for me. Hope this saves someone some time.


I have the same problem. I already downloaded the update firmware but I don’t how to update or flash the firmware to the dac.
Please help on how to do it

You have to update the firmware through a Mac or Windows PC. Download the firmware and drivers from the Topping site. Make sure the Windows PC has the drivers installed. Connect the DAC to the Windows PC. Then run the firmware exe and it will update the DAC. If you don’t ordinarily use the DAC on the PC, just move it back to your regular system.

Hi John. Are you saying that one CANNOT update from a Mac (it can’t read .exe-files).
The matter is confusing because the download-page of Topping suggests that you CAN update from Mac. I’ve tried their instructions, but nothing works.

Yes. You can update from a Mac.

Currently you can’t update the E50 with a Mac. Firmware updater app for Mac is broken. Every time you try to open it, it says you have no permissions to open it. You have to update the firmware with a Windows PC.

As I experienced. Why is John so sure you can ?

Because I believed what I read, did not know Mac was broken. I have PC.

OK, thanks John. It is disappointing that Topping keeps pretending it does work on a Mac.

You can update firmware 1.06 Topping E50 (Play MQA no low volume)follow up to DAC Topping D50 instruction firmware upgrade - YouTube