Toslink output Roon endpoints

Hi all

I’ve looking for a list of Toslink output Roon endpoints that meet ALL these requirements, for a second system I’m building.

  1. Ethernet input
  2. Toslink output
  3. Roon endpoint
  4. Accepts external DC power supply

The ones I know of are the HiFiBerry Digi+ and Pro, the IQ Audio versions, all with a Pi3

Are there any others?

It doesn’t have to be a Pi HAT but happy to consider are HATs, even Sparky or other makes.

I do know about the Bluesound Node 2 but it doesn’t accept external power.

Any others would be appreciated

Cheers in advance

Not sure how often the unofficial list at gets updated but would be worth a good look through.

It would be nice if there were a comprehensive table with all devices, inputs, outputs, price bracket, size, external psu, etc etc. But I don’t think it exists.

Just to add, if it’s officially RoonReady, 1 & 3 are a given.

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Cheers Steve, yep I started with that list.

I think the HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro is probably the best bang for the buck but keen to know if there’s one I’m not aware of.

In terms of price, I doubt you can beat it.

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Yep price and performance. Pretty good low jitter dual oscillators.

But I’m amazed at how many HATs are popping up. There may be one I’m not aware of that somebody knows of.

Please share if you’re out there and know of anything else

sonicOrbiter? Meets all four criteria of yours. And it is (relatively) cheap. No?

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Yes that’s a good one for the list.

However, you need to add another box to match the low jitter dual oscillators of the HiFiBerry Digi+ Pro

“This unit is a big upgrade from the internal SPDIF on the Sonicorbiter SE”

Or you can put the new ISO Regen upstream (powered by LPS-1)…

But then it’s no longer a networked solution, no?

Unless you mean all 3? Sonicorbiter SE > ISO REGEN > SPDIF Converter?

In that case the new microRendu > SPDIF Converter is another option.

But now it’s getting pricey. Eeep !

Sorry, I got confused. Forgot the ISO is USB only, and you definitely want optical.

Here is my chain (probably a bit overkill):

microRendu (powered by sBooster) - ISO Regen (powered by LPS-1) - modded Singxer SU-1 (powered by another LPS-1) - i2s connection from SU-1 to my DAC.

No worries, it’s too easy to get confused with the number of options and combinations out there.

The SU-1 is awesome but no Toslink output :cry:

It’s just a stock Cubox with a custom os though - for about 2-3 times the price.

If he’s happy with a tiny bit of diy, the OP would be better off using whatever he can find that has the best jitter measurement on the toslink - Dietpi and ropieee are easy enough to setup for free (or should I say donation).

One can only assume something like the digi+ is optimised.

Ample choice for Toslink endpoints: in Pi HAT-land, apart from the Hifiberries, there’s the Pi-Digi+ from IQAudio, the Digi HAT from JustBoom and the 502DAC - Pro Audio Shield from Pi2Design to consider.

If you fancy something other than a Pi, an Odroid C2 with a Hifi Shield is a great option.

The Cubox’s optical out is OK, but not great (yes, @Sloop_John_B – you were right ;-)) – I would not buy a Cubox for this (USB is a different story).

The Bluesound Node 2 sounds great, is RoonReady out of the box and a true Swiss army knife for audio. Not to mention the best fun / greatest convenience I’ve ever had from an audio endpoint.

From Auralic, there’s the Aries mini and Aries to consider. Alternatively, the Mutec MC3+USB is a very well-clocked, low jitter USB device with a plethora of options and outputs, including optical.

By no means exhaustive – just adding a few good options to the mix. :smiley:


Sonore Sonicorbiter - opps already mentioned.

Thanks gents, a nice list for myself and anyone to consider.

The DigiOne with it’s very well thought out and ultra low noise power supply design on the board, would be at the top of my list if it supported Toslink output, ticking all boxes and then some.

It looks like it’s the Digi+ Pro for now but this space is constantly changing so please feel free to update this thread if anything else comes to mind.

I’m assuming toslink is the only input you have on your DAC?

Yep for this secondary system, I definitely want to keep this thread for Toslink only.

An interesting HAT, with Toslink (and more) and DC power input.

Started another thread because it’s a lot more than only Toslink.

It’s updated since Jul 6 :grinning:
Latest certified products are added
Excluding filters for “discontinued” and “not ready out off box” (when you need to buy something else (modules etc.) for roon ready)

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