Total track count off from known count

Just testing Roon. Interesting so far. I’m seeking any tips that might help me determine why my total track count is off in Roon (total tracks = 91,079). I’m only 11 tracks off (in a library of 91,090 tracks). I’ve been able to easily test that I’m 10 tracks off in FLAC file count and 1 track off in mp3/AAC count. I’ve done forced rescans, removed folder and readded, etc. Count on Roon doesn’t change.

I’m running Roon 1.1 (build 102) stable (64 bit) on a Win 8.1 machine. Music file is on a USB drive directly connected to Windows machine. I have only a single watched folder (not itunes).

The correct count (91,090) is confirmed in two different foobar2000 windows8.1 installs (reading from two different HDDs, with one of these HDDs the same one ROON is reading from). The 91,090 is also the count on two different installs of Logitech Media Server on two different linux servers.

On the HDD connected to win computer that Roon is reading, I’ve run a file integrity check, and all 91,090 report as being decoded OK, so I don’t think there are 11 corrupted files.

We’ve looked into this kind of issue before, and it usually ends up being files that have tags, but also have corrupt audio data. I’m guessing these wouldn’t turn up in a file integrity scan, and might even import into programs with a less rigorous import process that doesn’t involve audio extraction.

I would start by searching your drive for media files that are unreasonably small, like less than 10k. We’ve seen lots of FLAC files that are around 5k, have tags, and show up in Foobar, but which have no audio data at all. Roon will skip these during the import process.

If it’s not clear what we’re skipping let me know and we can take another look. Roon doesn’t currently generate a list of files skipped during the import and analysis process, but we can take a look and get some more information here.

Thanks. I’ll run a dbpoweramp conversion to [Test Conversion] on the FLAC files. This attempts to decode each FLAC file and compare the checksum of the audio to the original included in the file when ripped. This will point out any FLAC files that have corrupted audio stream.

Hi Mike,

this kind of list would make a lot of sense, at least to me.



After running the dbpoweramp test conversion on a subset of FLAC files (to keep it easier), I find no corrupted files. The audio stream and tag in each file is OK. With this subset, I have:

Roon: 25,707
foobar2000 or LMS: 25,717

EDIT: I’ve checked all the FLAC file sizes. the smallest track file size is 146kb (a 7 second track in a live album). And this file is imported and plays within ROON.

So Roon is not seeing 10 files. I do have “show hidden tracks and Albums” set to YES. And “clean up dupliates when Exporting” set to NO.

Mike, you mentioned that there may be things you can check on your end about my importing. Please advise. Thanks.

Agree. Such a list would help me likely diagnose my own problem by identifying the files skipped. Otherwise its a needle in a haystack search if one is missing 11 files from > 90k.

Thinking of how to identify unimported files. Would exporting a track list from Roon to Excel (+ menu) enable a diff comparison with a directory listing of all tracks ?

Thanks. Yeah, that was my first thought. I attempted that, starting with a ROON export, but I’ll have to do some serious playing around to get an equivalent spreadsheet from my other applications as they don’t have a simple, “export all track listing in XXX order” for me to create a comparison document.

edit: When Mike mentioned that they (roon) might have other information to look at I was hoping they have some sort of log on their end that might point out failing file names. Something like the “scanner.log” in Logitech Media Server that can tell a user what errors or warnings occurred during a file scan.

Check your album/artist folder names to see if any start with something that could be considered a special character. I had this issue a while back with a small number of tracks. The Metallica Album …And Justice for All wasn’t importing. Renaming the album folder to drop the ellipsis at the beginning fixed it immediately.

Good idea. Thanks. I’ll check when I return home.

Just sent you a PM with instructions for getting us logs @garym – we can’t always say conclusively why a specific file was skipped, but we can definitely take a look.

I’ve now ooked at all my filenames and tags and the handful of items with odd first character (----, or #, or [ or (, etc.) all show up in my Roon library.

Would it be worth trying a very small subset, say 1000 tracks and see if there is still a 10 track difference, just in case it’s the counting rather than the count that is incorrect?


Thanks. I initially tried a few subdirectories of tracks (artists where I might have dozens of albums (e.g., Grateful Dead), and in some cases > 1000 tracks). In all these attempts, the known track count and the roon count matched perfectly.

@mike is looking into some logs I sent him. I’m hoping this at least identifies the files that roon is not importing.

So, our analysis of the logs yielded a corrupt MP3, which got the number of missing tracks down to 10. Some solid detective work by @garym found the rest.

Because Roon’s importing process is based on automatic folder scanning, we need to ensure that some folders which include system files or other temporary content isn’t included. We don’t have a lot of issues with this, but the detection can sometimes go awry when bands or albums have names that match our rules. As mentioned by others, folder names that start with periods are the most common offender, such as "/...And you should know us by the trail of dead/".

In this case, a ZZ Top album was in a folder called Recycler which is another folder Roon currently skips.

@garym- you’ll need to insert at least one character at the beginning of the folder name, and rescan your storage device, then I think you should be good. Just note that ZZ Top - Recycler would work, but Recycler Album will not.

I’m also putting together a list of rules and reasons why content might not be imported into Roon, so all this troubleshooting information can be in one place. I’ll link that here once it’s published in the Knowledge Base.

Thanks all, and sorry for the trouble @garym!

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Must warn my son and his budding band not to call their first album, Recycle Bin!


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Now that I see the answer, it is staring me right in the face. Duh! The other odd thing was that if the ONLY thing I tried to import into Roon was only the Recycler directory (with nothing else in my library), it imported the directory just fine. It only wouldn’t import if there is anything else in the library. Maybe roon is smart enough to know that if it is the ONLY directory it is probably not the recycle bin.

Regarding the one mp3 file that roon wouldn’t import. After examining it a bit more (and fixing some odd potential characters in the name) It wasn’t actually corrupted. It checks out ok with dBpoweramp and foobar2000 and will play just fine, but still wouldn’t import. The issue turns out to be that the file is only 0.01 of a second long (and many players round this to 0 seconds. It is also silence. (it’s an odd track cut from a live grateful dead show downloaded (legally) from I suspect the roon reason for rejecting is either the length (0.01 seconds) and/or the size (4kb). As an aside, I would say in the long run that roon should accept a 0.01 second file if it is in fact a valid audio file.

p.s. Thanks for all the help on this from everyone, particularly @mike. The sad thing is that after spending hours tracking down those 10 missing FLAC files, wouldn’t you know that the actual missing album (ZZ Top’s Recycler) is one that I have ZERO interest in listening to. But it was part of a “Original 10 Albums” recent box set release that has the correctly mastered (original 70s vinyl mastering) of the first 3 albums (which I do like). It was wonderful to hear those first 3 without the awful drum machine work that was done to them in their 80s CD releases!

[quote=“Sloop_John_B, post:16, topic:8617, full:true”]
Must warn my son and his budding band not to call their first album, Recycle Bin![/quote]

I wonder if TRASH works ok?

Yes, I’m feeling less optimistic about my .temp side project already :wink:

Fair point – can you PM me a dropbox link and we’ll have a look?

Isn’t it always that way :smile:

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There is absolutely no reason to skip folders by name for any reason on windows. System folders will have appropriate attributes indicating such like the hidden and system attributes. If the folder or file doesn’t have these attributes scan it.

This needs to be fixed as I now realize I’m missing albums that every other audio software I’ve ever used didn’t miss including the crappy iTunes.