TOTALDAC and DSD not working!

in my audio setup Totaldac d1 dual and Reclock server not recognized the dsd files (roon convert all to 176khz!!!)
in totaldac d1 music server settings is all disable!

When looking at the DAC specs, it says the following:

-as an option, DSD (DoP standard) supported on the USB, AES-EBU and spdif inputs.

My guess would be DSD is not (yet?) available over Ethernet. As all available options are set in the RoonReady config by TotalDAC, I think they are the only ones who can supply you with a definitive answer.

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Hi Giona,

My settings look like this and it works with DSD.
Do your settings look the same?

The Reclock server enters the DAC by usb port (usb support dsd in DoP mode)
but but unfortunately ROON first converts in pcm !!!

this is the same condition, see the photo

Totaldac can play DSD over PCM with DSD64 files only. DSD128 and above will be converted to PCM 176khz in Roon Server before send to the Totaldac server. Are your files DSD128 or above?

surely NOA are all SACD to dsf files…