Track Editor: Mandatory Fields in Record Date...Bug or Feature?

@support When I’m using the track editor to fill in the record location and dates for multiple tracks, the “Recording End Date” has mandatory fields in “month” and “day”

I have to use a workaround to fill in the fields and then delete the value, then I can save for example only the year (and month)

Can that be fixed?
Thank you

Hey @Oliver_Pix – this seems like a bug, let me discuss with the team and we’ll let you know what’s going on here.

Thanks for the report!

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@mike, I also found the other day I can’t delete all the performance dates from a Tidal track which has them. (Scenario: they’re completely wrong, but the actual correct dates appear to be undocumented. At least aren’t on the original CD nor anywhere online.) Part of the same syndrome?

Haven’t tested further than bumping my head on it that one time.

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Should be fixed for our next release – thanks again for the report.

Can you PM an example to @Ivan of what you were trying to do? He’s going to look into this, that should work.

PM sent…

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Looks like this is fixed for our next release, too :clap: