Track favorite does not work (heart icon)

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)

NUC8, ROCK & everything up to date

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Ethernet Connection, QNAP Nas

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Linn SELEKT, iPhone 11 Pro Max. Everything up to date

Description Of Issue

I have not been able to use the „heart“ function consistently for forever now. Hoped the next version would solve this. It did not.

Happened with Tidal, now with Qobuz, too. Works on local tracks, though.

Most of the time I cannot add an album to the library. It says „added“, but I cannot see the heart icon. Sometimes those two steps work and I can „heart click“ an album. But then cannot see the heart icon for tracks. Sometimes killing the app helps. But very rarely. iPad always worked fine, iPhone almost never does but that’s what I want to use.

Just after I wrote this, it actually worked once. Click add to library, look for song and click the heart. The next track I tried, the add to library shows a spinning thing in the round icon where the „plus“ was before clicking on it. But that never finished spinning. So the issue might be the library adding. In cases where that works directly, I seem to be able to heart tracks.

Had I not bought the lifetime subscription, I would have been gone a long time ago.

Please help!!!

Hi @Rene_Kissinger,

Thanks so much for reaching out to support. We’re sorry about the trouble and hope we can help.

If I understand correctly, when you try to add to library tracks from Qobuz and TIDAL (not your own local tracks) there are times when the action is not completed and the track doesn’t seem to be added to the library, which means you can’t favorite it. Does this happen across all your devices? Do you think you could share a screenshot?

While our technical team gets a chance to reply, it may be worth checking Dylan’s post explaining the expected behavior of making a track a favorite (via the heart icon):

Thanks in advance for your patience :pray:

Hi and thanks for the quick reply!

Yes, you understood that correctly. That is whats happening most of the times when using Roon on my iPhone. Has been an issue long before 1.8.

As I wrote in the first message: on my iPad the same process works fine. Even on the song I am playing at that time. I saw the other thread about the expected behavior of Roon, but that does not make sense to me as I can add to library on my iPad whenever I want (playing the song or not) and then hit the “heart” icon on albums or tracks while it is still playing (anything else would be bad design in my opinion). The expected behavior surely should not be different in between iOs devices.

The same does work for maybe 5 in a 100 tries on my iPhone. Of course a few minutes ago I tried it with 5 different albums in a row to get you a screenshot and it surprisingly worked as it should. No idea why that is and it did not work yesterday (or with past versions). But what I then noticed was that on an album where I actually successfully added to library/ clicked the heart icon on a track, a few minutes later, I could add it to the library again (the heart next to the album changed back to the plus icon). Then a few moments later I went back in the library, choose the same album again, could click the plus icon again and now it is stuck with the spinning thing and no heart icons for the tracks (see attached screenshots). So back to square one, I guess.

Again - that ONLY does happen on my iPhone and I had issues with that ever since using Roon.

I’d deinstall and reinstall the app on the phone.

Well, the issue has been with me for two whole iPhone generations, countless iOS versions, three major releases of Roon and so of course: I tried reinstalling the app about a hundred times.

Hi @Rene_Kissinger

Apologies for the delay! Our team’s queue is longer than typical at the moment, but we’re working to get back to everyone as quickly as we can.

Is this the behavior you see every time?

Tracks and albums can only be favorited once they’re in your library, so it sounds like something was occurring here that was preventing the track from actually being added.

How often do you use your iPad? Do you use it as often as the iPhone? It would be interesting to know if, right when this was happening on the iPhone, if you could navigate to this album on the iPad and see if it was in your library there.

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