Track Level Artwork Still Not Available?

I have ( within one folder, or album if you like )over 4000 songs in flac with track level artwork, that i use with my Fiio whilst working out. The Fiio M5 is showing each and every track artwork just fine. Can the people at Roon Labs please indicate when track level artwork will be available within Roon? I paid 500 euro’s for a lifetime membership, so i expect this feature to be made available soon. I don’t want to see the same album art picture for all 4000 songs, chosen for me by Roon. Come on guys, really ?

Hi @JPH,

This is not currently an option in Roon, but I definitely recommend adding your voice to the existing feature request about this!

In the meantime, if you organized these tracks into folders for each album contained within, Roon would be able to better identify the proper artwork for each album.


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