Track Numbering For Vinyl Rips

I have some vinyl rips and have tagged them with A1, A2, A3, …, B1, B2, B3, … as track numbers based on the tracks being side A or side B.

All track numbers in Roon show up as track 0, and things get even messier with multi-disc sets, which get split into different albums despite the disc number and total discs tags being set properly, and despite all of the tracks residing in the same album folder on my HDD.

I like knowing which side of an LP a particular track is from, so is there a good and easy way to have Roon manage these rips without having to re-number them and then add “Side A” or “Side B” as a tag/version/text somewhere?


Roon is a computer program and knows nothing of A and B (I would think)
I would number tracks in number sequence followed by the track name. In tags I would put side A on disc 1 and side B on Disc 2

That should work. Chris

An LP normally fits on a single disc. So I wouldn’t put Side A as disc 1 and Side B as disc 2 it will make it more difficult to match the metadata.

Just number all tracks in order as a single disc, exactly how the LP would have been laid out on a CD.

But I see the OP would like to know the side of the LP so metadata matching might not be important.

It looks like that’s my only option. And I’ll have to add LP side A/B information parenthetically in the track titles.

Thanks for the ideas, @Chrislayeruk and @DrTone!

I was thinking you may want to play just one side of an LP so splitting it into two discs makes this option easy. Both discs would be grouped into one album.
Adding your own data to these files ( There can’t be that many) would be fun and a way of getting to know your music again if they have been Un-played for a while.

As @DrTone said, metadata matching becomes difficult if I split an LP into separate discs for side A and side B. Box sets with LP versions are hard enough to match metadata, often because the disc order I used for the tags for the rips don’t match the disc order in the music databases that Roon uses. Splitting them further into individual discs and trying to match metadata becomes even more nightmarish.

I am slowly re-discovering audiophile-quality vinyl, some in colorful shades that add eye candy to the audio experience. :slight_smile: I have been a shuffle-my-library kind of guy for a long time. but I am listening more and more to whole albums and I like it. So yes, it is fun getting to know my music again in album format!

The digital experience of listening to music in Roon, by the way, comes as close as I think I can reasonably get to the tactile experience that accompanies the audio experience provided by vinyl.

EDIT: At least until VR technology can let me attend a virtual concert with fans and the band for every album I play! :smile:

love the edit, for that you can go to real concerts!
Being involved in a music venue as a volunteer I can tell you that the live music scene has never been livelier in the Uk at smaller venues.

The effect of live music? I brought a friend to our venue to experience The Grane Duffy Band (Blues). I got him seats real close. ( It’s a small venue, all the seats are real close).
After the gig he came up to me crying with joy! Telling me his war stories of seeing great bands of the 60’s playing around London and how he thought those days were over.
Needless to say, he comes to evey gig we put on now and his love for music and experience of it has expanded beyond measure.
Most of the regulars at our gigs have no systems that could be described as Hi-Fi but buy more music (To listen to in the car) and go to more gigs than most people. They really travel for ‘the high’ of live music and to support their favourite bands.
Not sure how to move them into the Hi-Fi world of Roon, not sure I should even try. It’s all about the music!

Enjoy the Vinyl :sunglasses:

On a slight tangent I have just discovered my Cassette (yes Cassette) version of the late great Isaac Guillory live. (24/5/1986 Washington arts Center Co Durham and Station Hotel and Knaresborough 30/5/1986 also The Red Lion Trimden Co Durham 23/5/1986)
I am in the process of digitising it as a 96/24 WAV.
The CD release has ‘All along the watchtower’ omitted from it and this recording is unavailable anywhere now. (Not even Vinyl) unless someone can put me right on this point.
I can’t split the tracks with my current technology but I am happy to have the album as a piece (all be it two sides) such is the quality of the man and his music. He is sadly missed, the day Issac Guillory passed is truly ‘The day the music died’, for me at leaste.
I expect I will be able to get index points added in time.


+1 to Audacity. Can’t beat free.

Can’t be sure if you’re an Apple user.

Look into Rogue Amoeba’s software called Fission. Not free but very easy to use and easy to tag your files. I love their software.

Rogue Amoeba Software Website

Good luck.