Track replacement suggestion for songs becoming unavailable on streaming services (Qobuz/Tidal)

It is common for individual songs to become unavailable on streaming services. This means that these tracks are no longer available in the playlists that have been created. However, very often it is only a change of the album or version of the same album and for this reason you have to manually find the track again and replace it with the existing track in the playlist. It would be a good improvement of Roon if the replacement title would be suggested automatically.

There’s at least one thread open for this suggestion already.
Latest reply I found from Roon

And here the same for Qobuz including a discussion of how to transfer metadata edits from the unavailable album to the new one

And another post by me about this severe issue about metadata edits

@crowlem I wrote in the Qobuz thread linked above that I would tag you when I write a feature request. Haven’t gotten around to it, but I guess this one is close enough

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Thanks for letting me know, voted.

Hopefully we can get this up high on the list.

@Alex_Reusch you should vote on your idea.


let’s combine Votes here (the same problem, but not only focused on Playlists

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