Tracks / Albums Unavailable in Qobuz

Recently a rather worrying amount of my library has been removed from Qobuz.

Is there a way of focusing on these in Roon? It’s driving me mad.

When you say “removed” do you mean tracks become unavailable?

Yup. The problem is that they don’t become available again. Qobuz seems to handle this by creating a new album when they get into a dispute or whatever happens.

So I need to go back and replace tracks and albums with these newly created versions.

It’s a much requested feature for them to be replaced. Normally due to licensing changes.
Roon say they are working on a solution but no timescale.

Gotcha, thanks :slight_smile:

Question: Say, I have made credit edits (possibly extensive) to an album and it is withdrawn by Qobuz:

  1. What happens with the unavailable album and its credits with my edits, do they stay in Roon, even if unplayable?
  2. Can I apply the edited credits from one album to another? I guess not but is there a feature request you are aware of? I searched but failed. This would be handy in various situations:
  • Artist releases a new album with the same lineup. Copying the credits over beats doing it all from scratch.
  • A new album version appears that becomes my new favorite, remastered, hires, deluxe version or whatever. I would like to make it the primary version, so copying the (edited) credits from the previous version beats having the good credits hidden in some version
  • Album disappearing from Qobuz and reappearing as a different album as described above

Thanks for any hints

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From my experience they remain but for me it’s useless because the album will never be playable. I have to manually carry across the edits. At the frequency at which this is happening, it’s not possible to keep doing this.

As far as I know you can’t carry over edits to other copies and they aren’t stored at the master level.

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Thanks. At least they stay there and I don’t have to scrape the credits together once more from 4 different sources.
But yes this sounds very much like a needed feature request. Arguably, most credits apply to the master level, the musicians etc. are largely the same (with exceptions regarding people who are only on a bonus track of the deluxe version or so). Mixing, remastering etc can differ.
In any case, even a wholesale copy from one version to another would be better than nothing. I will write a request over the weekend I guess, will tag you

I’m glad you answered as I have no idea as I’ve never edited anything.

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I agree. I think storing a master set of the metadata edits would be ideal because if I then add albums underneath that, the edits propagate.

I think this should apply to hearted tracks too.


I think from what I remember of this in the past is that the underlying problem is equivalence. The streaming services don’t use unique IDs so roon have to create their own ID rules and of course across the services and local libraries. So when a new version comes in, is that a replacement and if so for what exact track/album.
There’s been endless debates about it and roon have acknowledged they are working on it but I have a feeling it’s one of those fundamental building blocks buried deep in the roon architecture, never mind the code layers, so not easy to extract and change.
If you search the forum for track not available you can have hours of reading material.

Track not available and automatching the same album and edited credits to a new variant of the album that pops up completely independently, is one problem, and I understand that it is tricky. Although, if 2 variants of the same album are both “identified” by Roon, I don’t quite know why it would not be possible to pack them at least into a common album under the Version tab.

However, the credits are at least in part a different problem. Even a manual “apply all edited credits from this album to that album” would help. It would even be useful in the “artist releases a new album” case. And applying credits that were edited in Roon to essentially the master version of a an album (maybe optionally) instead of just a particular Version may be architecturally a problem in Roon, but I’d naively think that it can be fixed by Roon itself and has nothing to do with the IDs used by Tidal or Qobuz

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This is how it is handled with all streaming services including Tidal. The old able is replaced by a new one. Whether or not the replacement is actually the same is unknown.

I just found a feature request for copying credits, linking here for context

Roon Labs seems to have made some changes that now make it possible to produce a list of the albums that are no longer available in Qobuz.

I noticed that there is now an “Other” entry listed in the “Channel Layout” category of Focus.

Use that, and it produces a list of the albums in my library that have been removed from Qobuz…


I needed to re-add the new version from Qobuz…

Just another 71 albums to go… :roll_eyes:

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Doesn’t do that in my Tidal albums. Noticed it last night and was going to ask what the other is.

Apparently this is something unique to the way Qobuz is currently being handled in Roon. And I’ve been informed that it won’t work this way for much longer. So I’m frantically trying to remove the old and add the new versions where I can. And I’ve already found that for some albums, there are no new versions - they have just gone to the big bit-bucket in the sky…

I’ll have a closer look at the ones that show up for me, maybe :thinking::rofl:

This is a long requested feature, why would it be implemented and then taken back?

Nope - the “Other” attribute for no-longer available Qobuz albums was an accidental consequence - it wasn’t planned to fulfil the request of flagging unavailable albums. And the underlying mechanism that caused this to pop up has been changed for other reasons.

The request to identify what has gone from one’s library as a result of licensing changes still stands.