Copying Custom Credits from one album to another?

The addition of custom credits is fantastic, but it requires a lot of work, that I am happy to do…once. The problem is I have many albums in multiple versions, ie: Original Release, Digital Remaster, DSD etc etc…

So is there any way to copy ALL of the custom credits I have added form one album to another instead of having to re-enter them all for each copy of the album?


I don’t think there is at the moment. Want me to move this to Feature Requests?

Yes that would be great thank you.

Perhaps a MERGE Custom Credits too could work…

Tracks within albums as well please. I’ve just finished editing a compilation album and kept discovering, too late, that some tracks had credits in common. A copy and paste function?

I will not re-enter, would be great to have this functionality.

Would it not be easier to capture the metadata in a text file and then use metaflac to embed the tags into the underlying files independent of Roon?

I did this for an album I recently purchased which had little in the way of metadata and saved it to a text file. Importing it into the underlying files was as simple as issuing:

metaflac --preserve-modtime --import-tags-from=personnel.txt *.flac

PERSONNEL=Producer - Bob Thiele
PERSONNEL=Audio Engineer - Brian Scheuble
PERSONNEL=Audio Production - Bob Thiele
PERSONNEL=Bass - Leland Sklar\Bob Thiele\Davey Faragher
PERSONNEL=Cello - Victor Lawrence
PERSONNEL=Double Bass - Don Was
PERSONNEL=Drums - Pete Thomas
PERSONNEL=Dulcimer - Bob Thiele
PERSONNEL=Electric Banjo - Mark Goldenberg
PERSONNEL=Engineer - John Carter
PERSONNEL=Guitar - Bob Thiele
PERSONNEL=Guitar (Acoustic) - Bob Thiele\Shane Fontayne
PERSONNEL=Guitar (Bass) - Leland Sklar
PERSONNEL=Guitar (Electric) - Shane Fontayne\Val McCallum\Bob Thiele\Mark Goldenberg
PERSONNEL=Guitar (Nylon String) - Bob Thiele
PERSONNEL=Harmonica - Bob Thiele
PERSONNEL=Harmonium - Bob Thiele
PERSONNEL=Keyboards - Bob Thiele\John Philip Shenale
PERSONNEL=Main Personnel - Leland Sklar\Katey Sagal\Don Was\Greg Leisz\Debra Dobkin\David Mansfield\Bob Thiele\Pete Thomas
PERSONNEL=Mandolin - Mark Goldenberg
PERSONNEL=Mixing Engineer - Bob Thiele
PERSONNEL=Organ - Bob Thiele\John Philip Shenale
PERSONNEL=Pedal Steel - Greg Leisz
PERSONNEL=Pedal Steel Guitar - Greg Leisz
PERSONNEL=Percussion - Pete Thomas\Debra Dobkin
PERSONNEL=Piano - Bob Thiele
PERSONNEL=Primary Artist - Katey Sagal
PERSONNEL=Record Label - Valley Entertainment
PERSONNEL=Sampling - John Philip Shenale
PERSONNEL=String Arrangements - John Philip Shenale
PERSONNEL=Violin - David Mansfield
PERSONNEL=Vocals - Katey Sagal\Ivan Neville
PERSONNEL=Vocals (Background) - Bob Thiele\Cynthia Bass\Billy Valentine
PERSONNEL=Wurlitzer - Ivan Neville\Bob Thiele

In any event, it’s a simple workaround whilst such functionality doesn’t exist in Roon.

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