Roon choose alternate source If you change music services

So there’s a feature in Roon where you can create playlists and add music to your library if adding from a streaming source such as tidal.

What happens if you’ve added a bunch of songs to your library and created playlists which consist of songs located on your nas, tidal, wherever and you decide that tidal is too expensive or they suddenly go out of business. If I had built a large library based off a streaming music service I think currently I would have to re-add all of those songs again to my library and fix the playlists from the new source.

I’ve noticed there’s an alternate versions where typically you have an album in your library and tgr alternate version is the same album on tidal for example. It would be really cool if you decide to switch services down the road if Roon could match up the album based off its metadata and serve you up the new location so when you go to listen to music you don’t have any interruptions.

Can this be achieved or is this planned or does Roon currently do this that I’m not aware of?

In my case I’ve dropped tidal and switched to qobuz. I had in this case 20 songs from tidal added to my library which also consists of all the music on my nas. Of course when I switched none of those songs would play and I find it sucky to have to go back and re-add them. In this case I only had 20 but if I had been building a library and a bunch of playlists that would have really sucked to recreate.


This won’t help you for your local albums but for transferring your albums from Tidal to Qobuz, there’s an iOS app called SongShift that works well:

It’s even free to transfer. All of my prior Tidal albums when in to Qobuz after doing the transfer, will them then showing up in Roon as well.

Yeah i mean that will work going from service to service and then syncing that services playlists to roon but i am more talking about playlists you create in roon which could contain a mix of services and local.

I completely agree and have had this problem.

I’m trying to change from Tidal to Qobuz but all the localy created playlists just don’t work at all, because all the music is ‘missing’ as it was in tidal.

This is despite using soundiz to copy my library over, so essentially 90% + of the same songs are in my library just via qobuz now instead.

I can’t physically go through thousands of songs and re-do this, it’s such a pain in the ass! There needs to be a way to click a button and rematch the local playlist songs to ‘other locations available to my library’

Can this be fixed/feature added pretty please???

In the meantime, I literally have to maintain a tidal subscription to use my playlists… what a drag.

That would be a really interesting feature, and I think from a programming standpoint not impossible.

I am surprised there isn’t a solution or a workaround, I also have playlists created in Roon which are now unusable because I switched services.

If switching from Tidal to Qobuz, use Soundiz to send all your Tidal linked albums to Qobuz. Then do the same with your playlists. Soon after you do this, Qobuz will send these to your Roon library. I also save a local copy of my playlists in Roon, so I have three copies, Tidal, Qobuz, and local.

Now, if any of these albums don’t exist in Qobuz, then, of course, they will not be included.

Yes, thanks. And it should also be possible to apply edits in Roon (credits, etc.) to the new version. This would be handy in other situations as well

Thank you for your response, I will try this.

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Just found this existing request, linking for context: