Track titles missing detail in Roon, correct in TIDAL

I have recently added an EP of remixes of the Dirty Projectors - Cool Your Heart to my Roon library from TIDAL. There is some important information that is missing after the import.

The EP as it appears in TIDAL;

In Roon the additional remix information in the track title is lost so it is impossible to tell which version you are playing/adding to a playlist etc;

Is there a workaround or possible fix for this problem at all?

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I don’t think so. See this…


hey @support unless I am missing a setting somewhere, this has got worse rather than better;

Any chance you guys can fix this?!

Same situations here, but Tidal’s CD is not in my library. Why we can’t view remixes versions name?

In Tidal correct:

That’s not only one such a example. It exists especially on 12’’ CD wit same name of one song.

If you’ve added this album to your library then Roon uses the data from it’s own metadata service instead of the original one. The main/primary source for this is still TiVo/Rovi ( and they sadly tend to omit such additional track title data.

An easy fix for own rips is to set the Settings|Library>Import Settings>[Metadata preferences for tracks] Track's Title to Prefer File. I don’t know if that has any effect on streaming content as I’m a non streamer – but probably not.

While I understand that Roon has to use TiVo/Rovi because of the Bios and Reviews, it’s maybe time to change the primary data source for other metadata to an other service whenever there is data available.

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Agreed maybe a similar setting for streamed content; Prefer TIDAL/Qobuz metadata for this track/album ??

Roon is all about music information, right? That’s weird that Roon stripped info that already exists in the DB (TIDAL DB). For that reason, modern remastered multidisс releases is nearly unusable in Roon.
Just take a look:



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Yeah Roon really need to fix this in some way I think. It has even got worse over time and not better, thats not a great look. Anyone @support care to comment? Is this even a ticketed item on your dev queue?

These remixed/remastered/special editions are coming out all the time and at a seemingly ever increasing rate. Roon is making a big old mess of them sadly.

Hi folks, we definitely understand that for many albums the current functionality isn’t ideal. While I can’t give timelines, this is definitely something we’ve been discussing internally and plan on addressing. We appreciate the feedback!

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Thanks @dylan looking forward to this getting sorted :slightly_smiling_face: