Track unavailable?

Core Machine (Operating system/System info/Roon build number)
Mac Mini i7 / Roon 1.6 (latest build)

Description Of Issue

I wanted to play certain album RoonShareImage-636929108989630570 but unfortunately some tracks are labeled as “unavailable”. But when I log in to Tidal app, I can play complete album. This is bad, as it appearantly isn’t Tidal limitation. Can you explain or fix, please?

I find the 1972 MQA mix does play in Roon and sounds amazing.

Yes, but it’s not solution of the problem. I paid Roon for complete Tidal integration. I find unacceptable not being able to play content, which is available on Tidal.

Roon tells me there are 5 versions of this album on Tidal

Some versions have tracks unavailable, some don’t.
Depending on which version you tried in Tidal, you may or may not be lucky.
I guess it’s some sort of licensing issue.

I’m comparing availability of the same version. As I wrote earlier, if the track is available on Tidal, I want it via Roon too.

You’re right. I’ve compared on the Tidal app and they play. This looks like a @metadata issue, rather than support

I’m only trying to help. This is the new world of streaming and although not perfect, it’s pretty good. It will get sorted one day.

Apologies for the trouble here, @Pavel_Tesar!

We are looking into this.

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