Tracks Disapear in Playlists


I am Running Roon 1.6 on a MAC and the Music is located on a WD NAS.
I am adding files to the NAS and to roon every day and expand my several playlists.
Today several (about 1/4) tracks of my playlists were marked as “not available”.
I restarted roon (core) and when I looked at the playlist, the former as “not available” marked tracks weren’t shown anymore.
The Playlist says on top (for example) 153 of 197 tracks.
All Tracks in the playlist are marked by numbers (left side).
The numbers (1,2,3,4…) of the missing files are missing as well.
As I mentioned I made several changes to my playlist so that I can not use a backup.
I do need a solution.
All the “missing files/links” have not been changed and are still in the same folders on the same NAS that they were days ago.
I really need to restore my several playlists.
So what can I do?
Thanks for your support


Hey @Stefan_Janssen – can you tell us a bit more about what you were doing here:

Are you moving files around on your drive? Or only adding new files?

And if you are moving files around, how are you moving the files?


Hi Mike, thanks for your help.

I’m only adding new files into a subfolder of the the NAS that is already imported into roon (watched folder).
I didn‘t changed or moved the files / tracks that are now not more available in the playlist.
To make it even more funny.
In many cases we are talking about missing files from the same musicalbum on which other tracks aren’t missing.
For example: In the Playlist, 4 Queen Tracks from the Album Greatsest Hits are still shown but one is missing. All are tracks from the same album located in the same folder and the files are still in that folder.

I had to remove a folder in which I was copying tracks and started the copying process again.
It could be the case that roon already imported these files (some include the same tracks I already imported). And than Roon declared the new files as favorite versions.
This could have caused the trouble.

But my problem still is that I need to know which tracks in the playlist are missing.

Hi @Stefan_Janssen,

Just to verify, you are able to navigate to these missing tracks outside of playlists, correct?

Can you navigate to Settings > Library > Clean Up Library and take a screenshot of this page? Note that you should not run the Clean Up Library process, we just need to see a screenshot of this window.

Dear Dylan,

thanks for your reply. Due to the fact that more problems occure today (as I wrote in a different task) I decided to install an older roon version out of my backups. I had to cut the networkcable to avoid roon from crashing. The Backup only worked without the Mac beeing included to my network (god knows why). Now (after the Backup was sucsessfull and the Network was reconnected) all of my Playlists are back again. Of course I lost my additions (tracks) from the last five days. But that’s the price I think.
I will add one other folder tomorrow and I will see what’s happening than. I guess it was a problem within the database. But what do I now?
Thanks for your help.

Cheers Stefan