Tracks from Qobuz playlist showing unavailable in Roon

I have the same problem, a friend of mine too.
Rebooting and reinstalling Rock, logging out and in again into Qobuz didn’t make a difference.
Playlist was made using Roon.
Can’t play the songs outside the playlist either.

greetings oli

Edit.: After some fiddeling and checking if the songs are playable in the Qobuz webplayer (yes they are) I can now play the songs from outside of the playlist. But the playlist still seems broken with most songs marked as unavailable

Hi @Oli,

Can you share some screenshots of what you’re seeing?

sure, for example:
in playlist unavailable “this world- Selah Sue”:

then clicking on the album i see the track as available (can’t play it first though, but clicking on play album plays the track just as it should):

another thing i just recognized is that if I play the song from outside the album it is not marked as unavailable anymore.
So i can recover the playlist by playing every song once from outside the playlist.

Hi @Oli,

I have a ticket open with the technical team to investigate this issue. I’ll be sure to follow up as soon as I have their feedback on this.


I have the same issue, does that means we have to stop creating play list from Qobuz in Roon?

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