Tracks get stuck in the end with HQPlayer

I run several systems here and I have experienced this problem on certain systems since Roon 1.6 as well.

My situation is quite different to those posted here though as I’m using HQPlayer.

Today I set out to resolve it on one of my systems. I disabled any output devices not in use.

I also played around with various HQPlayer settings and Roon settings to try to simplify the situation as much as possible.

Finally I managed to get music continuously flowing from Roon through HQPlayer; but only by enabling Roon’s own DSP.

I first up-sample 44.1 Redbook material to 48khz and send that to HQPlayer. HQPlayer then takes the received 48khz signal all the way up to DSD512.

Can anyone who’s still experiencing this problem try enabling some DSP in Roon, if you are not doing so already?

I’d rather not have to use any DSP in Roon. For the moment though, it’s the only way I could resolve the issue.

Thanks for looking into this annoying problem further.

Hi @soundgals,

I have split your post into it’s own thread to take a closer look at this issue.
Can you please let me know:

  • Your Core specs and version of HQPlayer
  • Endpoints you experienced this behavior on
  • The model/manufacturer of your network gear
  • Whether this issue was for both Local + Streaming content

– Noris

Hi Noris,

I’m running version 1.6 build 416 of Roon Server on a Win 10 based machine.

This is the endpoint.

I’m using Apple Airport Extreme router.

I experienced the issue with Qobuz streaming content yesterday, with HQPlayer Desktop 4.

From memory, I have also experienced this with local content in the past and with HQPlayer 3.

The good news is that today when I turned off Roon’s DSP it’s no longer happening!

I’m getting continuous playback of all content through HQPlayer, without any Roon DSP.

It’s as if the action of running with Roon’s DSP cleared something and got it working.

I’d like to leave this open at the moment though, so I can test on different systems and configurations.



Hi @soundgals,

Thanks for letting me know that the issue went away. I will leave this thread open as per your request and if the issue re-appears feel free to reach out to me again regarding this topic!

– Noris

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