Tracks Marked Unavailable After Backup Restore (ref#KTY5U6)

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Describe the issue

I just installed a Nucleus One as my server, and I restored a backup to it via an external hard drive connected to the nucleus. Now when I go to track or playlists, there are numerous tracks that are marked "unavailable" These are tracks that are both from my digital library as well as tracks added to my Roon library from Qobuz. Please advise how I can make these tracks available for play.

Describe your network setup

Nucleus is connected to Belkin router.

How did you move the music over from server to the other?

Hello @fiascogarcia,

Thanks for reaching out with your report. According to our diagnostics it looks like you had a music share on the laptop, perhaps you had your music saved there and this is why it did not transfer over. To add a network share to Roon, please see the below guide. Hope this helps!