Tracks not identified with first line of text

I have 2 recordings of the St. Matthew Passion. In one recording, the tracks are identified by the first line of the track’s text, which is handy. In the second, the tracks aren’t so identified; they’re identified with the same information as the album. I’d like to figure out how to get the second album’s track identified by text in the tracks. Here are the 2 albums, with album helpfully identifying tracks shown first, eg, the first track is shown as “Kommt, Ihr Töchter, helft mir klagen.”

I’m running Roon Core 1.3 on Win10 Pro x64.

I just found this on Tidal and it looks correct there:

Which means that Roon does have the information in its system. What if you try and re-identify the album, and search on Bach, JS or St Matthew passion and see if the right album show up for you.

I re-identified, and the tracks briefly (maybe a second) showed by text. Then the description reverted to what it had been. And it stays that way after I search and choose the album again to see the tracks.

I then edited the album’s Metadata Preference, choosing “Prefer Roon” for the preference for the tracks of 1 album. But no change.

What if you choose “Prefer file” instead? I take it you reviewed your files actual metadata and verified that that string is not repeated for each track in the metadata.

I’m not sure I know how to check a file’s metadata. I just looked at the first track, clicked on View File Information, clicked on File Tags: I don’t see anything like the repeated string. In fact, the ‘title’ tag says “Chorus: Kommt, Ihr Töchter, Helft Mir Klagen,” which would be nice if it were displayed in the album view.

Well, you can force Roon to use your Basic File Information. Edit Album, choose Identify Album, then choose “None of these look right” in the lower right corner. It will bring up a search screen where you can try and search yourself to find a better fit for your album, but in this case, once again, choose “None of these look right” in the lower right corner.

This will bring up a screen that says No Matches with an option to “Use Basic File Information”. This should give you just the information in your file tags.