Tracks Not Loading After 1.6

@support After updating to 1.6, I haven’t been able to play a track - local file, Tidal, and even Internet Radio Station.

After installing the update, Roon failed to load. I rebooted everything, turned off firewall, rebooted again, and it finally loaded. But I haven’t been able to play anything. I have rebooted everything 3 or 4 more times, but the track selected times out and moves to the next one. Library per Roon seems to be as it should be. I am able to play files from the USB drive to my Windows 7 desktop using other media players, just not Roon.

Thanks for any help,

Core - SonicTransporter i5
Music - USB3 hard drive to ST5
Remotes - Windows 7, iPhone, Macbook Air, Fire Tablet

Hang on! I am now able to play to phone and DSJ. So it looks like it’s a localized issue downstream (UltraRendu/Project Pre Box S2). I think I can solve this tonight, but I’ll return if problems persist.

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