Tracks not starting at the very beginning?

This is a very small annoyance but I thought I’d ask…

Sometimes when playing Genres, tracks start a couple/few notes into the song. This may not even be Roon’s fault…

This comes from a MAC Mini (1TBSSD) >DAC>Pre/Pro. Is it because, in different genres you get different Track resolutions and the DAC has to have a chance to change to that resolution? It’s just that I wonder if I have some setting wrong or maybe some buffer setting would help.???

Any ideas?


There is a setting giving the DAC some time when switching sample frequency, I think default is 100ms. Try setting it to zero. I also have this problem, but since most music I listen to is normal CD quality I don’t notice it often.


Thanks for the reply…where might I find this setting adjustment?


Roon Settings > Audio > Device Setup (small cog wheel next to your device) > General (first tab) > Resync Delay.

Thanks Rene!!! As usual…you are Da Bomb!:blush:

But by all means. let us know if it helps!

I know I said Da Bomb…but sheesh…That’s a little over the top don’t ya think? :grin:

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