Tracks playing in double speed

My system is playing tracks at double speed (Alvin & Chipmunks). This only happens on Tidal and almost all CD quality tracks, I have been able to play MQA tracks on an album at normal speed and then 4 tracks in, the 5th track goes double speed.

My system is made up of Roon running on a QNAP NAS drive and playback through a Meridian 210 onto a Meridian 861/ML432/Revel Studio’s.

I have another system in my office with different components and not exhibiting these same problems.

I have also reported this problem to Meridian.

Anyone come across this and have a possible fix.


Have you rebooted everything?

Yes I have and done all available firmware updates.

Hello @Sohan_Perera,

Thanks for the report. I’m slightly confused about the symptoms you are reporting. Could you explain what you are seeing in the following scenarios?:

A. Queue of CD Quality tracks.
B. Queue of MQA tracks.
C. Play CD Quality track, then play MQA track.

Based on your testing with the other components in your system I believe you are on the right path with reaching out to Meridian for further assistance. This issue is likely due to the 210 not setting it’s output clock correctly or the 861 not changing it’s input sample rate. What connection you are using between the two devices, Speakerlink or SPDIF?

As a stopgap, I would try using Roon’s DSP Sample Rate Conversion feature to upsample all content to 96kHz.


Hey John,
A. Queue of CD Quality tracks. - All playing at double speed
B. Queue of MQA tracks. - Some playing at double speed
C. Play CD Quality track, then play MQA track. - CD is at double speed and then MQA at normal speed

I have since done a hard reset on the 210 and only checking for about 15 minutes this morning seem to fix it. I will monitor further.

Update - system was fine yesterday.
Today I cant play any Tidal tracks. Roon works on Radio.

Hi @Sohan_Perera,

Are you still able to play tracks using the TIDAL Web Player with this account (
What error message are you seeing in Roon?

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