Tracks skipping in Roon

W10 PC with Roon Server>ethernet>SMS200>usb>Aqua La Voce.

Just updated to latest Roon software and now when I select an album and press Play the software does not play the track but skips through each track of the album after spending 2 or 3 seconds trying to play it. Any ideas?
The problem was there prior to the update and when I was prompted to update I thought that may have been the problem but it has persisted after the update.
Was working fine on Sunday and then when I returned to it Monday there was a problem.

Hi @Keith_Smith,

So we can better assist you, please confirm the following:

  • What networking hardware is in use and how are your devices connected?
  • Does this occur for all content (local/TIDAL/Qobuz)?
  • Does this occur for all endpoints? If you play to System Output of the Core machine does similar behavior occur?

Networking is ethernet cable fron Shuttle xs36v, which runs W10 and Roon server, to an HP gigabits switch and from there via Ethernet cable to an SotM sms200. Usb cable from there to Aqua La Scale dac.
Roon screen appears normal and in either local or Qobuz albums when I click to play the whole album it selects the first track in the now playing bar at the bottom of the screen, starts playing it but with no sound from the speakers and then after a couple of seconds skips to the second track. It then skips in a similar fashion through all of the tracks on the album.
I am only using server as I don’t have a Core compatible device.

Hi @Keith_Smith,

On the Windows 10 Core machine, if you go to Settings | Audio and enable System Output, does this play okay?

Well, unplugged and then plugged back in all of the Ethernet cables and restarted the pc and it is working fine again! So, appears to be fixed but not sure why. Thanks for your help with this.

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