Transfer Roon data from Mac to Windows?

Any way to transfer a Mac install to a WIndows install?

Obviously not the program itself, but the database. I’m not concerned about most of my albums as they can be added again and identified, but I had about 70-80 that roon wasn’t able to identify for various reasons and I went through the trouble of tweaking metadata and searching to get most identified and am quite happy with the results.

Roon is running on an iMac right now, but I’ve got a NUC that I’d like to transfer the install to.

Or do I need to do it all again?

At the moment it can’t (easily) be done. I know that Roon are investigating a cloud based approach to metadata modification so you changes would be associated with your account, not your Core.

It should copy, but I wouldn’t blow away your old copy. Let us know how it goes.

Will do. This weekends project.

Just concerned about the file paths. But a little trial and error should help!