Transfer Tidal to Qobuz

… so I have the opportunity 4 a free month trial with Qobuz… now integration in Roon is set I wonder how to transfer my music from Tidal to Qobuz so I can compare…


Not sure if this can be done from within Roon (I am a newbie), I use to move albums and playlists from Spotify to Tidal and back. It is not a free service though.


I’m hoping Roon have a plan for a simple way to do this, at least for the things from “add to my collection” when a Tidal sub ends but Qobuz starts. My dream is it’s seamless.

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This guide can be helpful.


Hi I suspect that will copy the Tidal favourites and playlists to Qobuz but not the Tidal items in our Roon libraries. As someone who quit Qobuz for Tidal when I signed up to Roon I’m keen to go back to Qobuz but don’t know if I’ll be able to automatically include the Qobuz equivalents to my Tidal albums in my Roon library. I looked at Versions in Roon - could that do it automatically if I was subscribed to both services at the same time before cancelling Tidal?


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I am waiting till Qobuz completes it’s beta phase to do this myself.
I assume that their library will be larger when they finally open it up to all comers in US.
Then I would have more chance for more matches.

However with Roon 1.6, this might be redundant and leave me with versions of a play list with different tracks
I plan on using both Tidal and Qobuz

I used soundiz to transfer tidal to qobuz and it works fine. Anything i had added to my roon library was favorited in tidal and all those favorites were transferred over to qobuz Out of 900 albums I think about 40 don’t exist in qobuz give or take a few.

One thing to be aware of is if you do transfer them over roon will see them as “new” and it will fork up your overview/recent views for a while (much like when you add a new library etc).

Other than that it seemed to be pretty bug free. Roon kept duplicates stacked as alternative versions and if the qobuz version was higher res it became primary.

If I run both parallel will Tidal and Qobuz synchronize in Roon or will Qobuz just be empty if I don’t have anything added in Qobuz yet? Then I may as well use the soundiz app to pull stuff from Tidal to Qobuz and add Qobuz as new in Roon (seems like the better way?)…

… also, has anyone made the step and compared the two against each other. Mainly I`m interested if you found a noticeable difference in terms of pure Soundquality - as the music catalogue is a matter of personal taste. Do they sound different at all?

Hi thanks for the response. I have just checked in the tidal app and was pleasantly surprised as I hadn’t realised the Tidal albums I’d added to my Roon library had also automatically added to my favourites in tidal - I still have memories of having to add my old tidal favourites to my Roon library manually before they would appear here. Soundiiz does indeed now seem like the answer for my move back to qobuz!

Qobuz will be empty because you haven’t added anything in Qobuz…

Since Roon knows that an album you have in your collection via Tidal is also available on Qobuz (it shows them to you in the Versions tab), it would be amazing if Roon had a feature to sync / transfer favorites between the two services.

I have over 1100 albums favorited in Tidal, and I’d love to be able to have those in Qobuz.

Yes, I can pay the $4.50 to Soundiiz, and I probably will wind up doing that, but I figured I’d throw my support behind this feature request.


Agree - and it would also be great to have meta data like Favorite tracks and number of plays transfer over too. Any plans for this Roon?


Yes this the crux of it. I primarily manage my library by recently added and pllaycounts, so without preserving this data I’d be back to square one (which I’ve already been through once when moved from iTunes to Roon).

The ideal would be to allow multiple versions of an album to share the same metrics like date added, play counts, track/album favourites. Or just allow users to manually copy the metrics from on album to another. If I could do it in a click or two I’d gladly do all my Tidal albums one by one over to Qobuz.

It would be useful in at least one other case - when replacing a streamed album with a bought one. I often play streamed content for a while and if I like it I buy it - often after months or even years of accumulating a lot of play counts and setting favourites at track and album level. If I then buy a download or rip a CD the new version is considered different in Roon, so favourite tracks have to be re-set manually, playlists fixed manually and play counts are lost forever. I’d love to be able to say ‘swap data from this album to this one’, or ‘consider these albums mutually exclusive for such data’.

Soundiiz is great btw, I use it on the paid service to sync Spotify to Tidal - so what I listen to when out and about can be pushed over to Tidal for Roon at home. Highly recommended, the auto-syncs are great. But it doesn’t help you in the topic situation. Only Roon can do that for us, and I don’t think it would be too hard.


I’ve gone for month trial of Qobuz and I paid the few dollars to Soundiiz. I had about 300 Tidal albums in my Roon Library (mainly rock/indie) and Soundiiz found 100% of these. Tidal is better for CD singles and here I had some gaps in playlists i had created so if I turn my Tidal subscription off in Roon my library is pretty much preserved with Qobuz (bar those singles) but I do lose all the number of plays data and and all the tracks on albums that I Favorited, which is a loss as I like shuffling Favorite tracks from time to time and it would be a pain to add them back in.

Anyway that said my 50 year old ears can’t tell any difference in sound quality between Tidal and Qobuz even when it is 16 bit Tidal or MQA and 24 bit Qobuz. There is definitely more Hi-res music for my library in Qobuz than Tidal but I don’t hear or feel it and my system is pretty hi-end i.e PS Audio Directstream-Musical Fidelity AMS50 and B&W802D3.

So with Tidal having better library for my tastes and also their app working on Apple Car play - I’m going to be sticking with Tidal.

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Same here - Also I am missing about 25 - 30% of music in Qobuz when transferred from Tidal via Soundiiz… so I‘ll probably also stick with Tidal…

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Does the versions functionality not work for this? If not automatically then if you group alternative versions?

Not last time I asked Roon

The track favourites, playcounts and date added are all unique to each version. Not sure how album favourites are handled.

That’s disappointing, it seems like part of what that functionality is for, is is how I was hoping a tidal to qobuz migration might work, the tidal version just becomes another version and if the tidal sub stops the qobuz one becomes the automatic top version. Or something.


It would be smart of @Qobuz if they give you a discount on Soundiiz (as I think a creating a matching/transfering option may be more expensive for them) or give you the money in reduction on your next month (after your first free month trial) if you stay with them. Maybe a way to transfer a lot of folks from Tidal to them.