Transfer to... doesn't see all zones

I have two Meridian MS600s and both show up as available zones.
But Transfer to… supports only one direction, playing on A I can transfer to B, but from B I can transfer only to System output.

I’ve never seen that, except as a symptom of a WLAN problem. At the moment this happens, is the missing zone available as a choice in the zone selector bottom right? (I mean to start a new play queue for that zone.)

@ludwig That’s what I meant by “available zones:” both are in the zone selector, but not in the transfer selector. And worse, a moment ago B was in the Transfer selector but not A because that’s what I was listening to, I transferred to B and B disappeared from the transfer selector but A didn’t appear. At all times the zone selector is fine.

This is not a WLAN issue.

Checking on this – I have two MS200s here and I’m not able to reproduce.

In related news, I put in a work item last month to make the ordering of the transfer list consistent – right now as you transfer zones around the house, the order keeps changing because we don’t show the current zone. We shouldn’t require you to read the whole list every time, IMO.

@mike I have no experience with it, have never used Transfer before…

But I have never had any access problems with the MS600s before.
Btw, since a couple of weeks, they are all hardwired (except iPads and Surfaces).

I will see if it repros.