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Hello from Sunny Australia,
I transferred all my music from a Sooloos system when it failed and for various reasons have not been adding much new to Roon.
I still have many CD’s that I want to load and had the system working some months ago.
I have not changed anything since but now cannot load CD’s. Oh how I wish you provided a loading system similar to the old Sooloos one.
Anyway, I use dBpoweramp Music converter via a mac drive over ethernet to a QNap NAS Drive and a ROON Nucleus +. The CD’s rip OK but never appear in the NAS drive.
I attach screen shots from the CD ripper showing the path (two shots as I cannot expand the box where the path is listed, the path from Roon and a screen shot from Finder. I am sure it is my poor computer skills that are the issue.
The last album I am trying to transfer is Bruce Springsteen - Western Stars which as you can see does not appear on the NAS Drive.
Many Thanks for your help.
Rick G

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Roon has issues updating storage folders on NAS in real time because the NAS operating systems often don’t provide monitoring hooks for subdirectories. Brian commented about NAS storage as follows:

Support will let you know what can be done about the immediate issue, but moving to a USB storage and keeping the NAS as backup may prevent future problems.

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Are you saying that you rip a CD to your NAS drive via dbPoweramp and you cannot see it on the NAS drive? Not even talking about Roon at this point. But, Finder can’t find the file you just ripped?

I would rip to the local drive and then copy the final rip to the NAS. Ripping to a watched location is iffy as it can cause Roon to incorrectly identify an album due to the length of time involved in ripping vs copying.

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Hi @Rick_Godfrey

This sounds like your dbPowerAmp is having issues writing to your NAS drive if the content never makes it there?

If the content does make it to the folder, I would perform a “Force Rescan” as others have suggested and see if that allows the tracks to show up:

Thank you all for your suggestions.
Funnily enough as a last resort I purchased the latest version of dBPower amp and all now works!!!
I am interested in some of the comments on NAS drives. Would SSD storage in the Nucleus be a better solution. Alternatively what are the USB options - I have about 700MB of music.

I am a big fan of just putting a USB Drive on the Nucleus.

Is this a typo? 700MB of music is very little, you could use a small USB pen-drive attached to the back of the Nucleus if this is the actual collection size. An internal SSD for the Nucleus is nice, but it might be a bit overkill for 700MB of files.

Sorry - 700 GB

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Hi @Rick_Godfrey,

You could either use a local 1TB USB attached drive or internal storage on the Nucleus host the library in that case, on-board SSD might be a bit faster though, you can also get further suggestions in the #roon category.

In any case, it sounds like this thread is [solved], so I will go ahead and mark this one to close, do let us know if you have further issues!

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