Transferring files to internal Nucleus

I’m trying to get my system connected and working and having a few issues.
1.) I’m trying to get files into the internal storage on nucleus. I was hoping to connect my Sony Hap where all my files are but couldn’t figure out a way to do this. I also have my files on my computer. I tried to connect an external hard drive with the music files to the Nucleus which appeared to work. I copied (or thought I did) the files to the Nucleus Internal Storage, but when I disconnected the hard drive the files weren’t on the nucleus. Any thoughts?
2.) I have a Marantz Internal Amp PM8004 but there doesn’t appear a way to connect my Nucleus directly to this. I’ve been using a Bluos Node that’s connected to the amp to play music but am worried I am not getting the highest quality output, especially when the internet has issues. That’s what I liked about the Sony HAP I have is that its connected directly to the Amp and I can play my lossless music files without issues. Any suggested solutions or recommendations?

Thanks for your help.

See this link

You need to first format the drive from the Nucleus GUI…

Hi @Jeff_Spitzmiller,

As Slim suggested above, this article should be able to get you in the right direction:

Once installed you’ll just need to format the drive from the Nucleus Web Administration Interface and then you can start adding music via File Explorer / Finder!

Regarding the Marantz, it doesn’t look like this device supports any Roon inputs, but playing via the Bluesound Node should work okay! Are you seeing any problems when playing to it this way?

Thanks Dylan. I was able to format the file and it looks like I was able to transfer all of my music files to the internal Nucleus hard drive.

Concerning my Marantz, I haven’t had any issue yet. I’m not sure how the music gets from the Nucleus to the Bluos Node, I just didn’t want to lose music quality (internet speeds, etc.) from the hi-res files I now have stored on the Nucleus to the Bluos.

Thanks for your help

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