Translating third party phrases

Good evening!
I’m looking into the new phrases which were synced into the translations tool recently.
There seem to be quite a lot of third party manufacturers phrases, from the likes of WiSA organisation. dCS, Audeze and others. While i’m happy to provide translations for Roon. it’s seems reasonable that third party companies translate their own material, or compensate accordingly. (to whom, i don’t know, but give me a dCS Rossini and i’ll happily translate their DSP phrases! :wink: )

Seriously though, i’d appreciate a “flag” or a clarification on the phrases that are related to these proprietary products, as i don’t feel comfortable translating marketing material without a clear context.

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Hello @Mikael_Ollars ,

Thanks for reaching out regarding this question!

When translating these phrases, please leave the company/brand name in English (e.g. WiSA / Audeze) and translate the text around it.

These phrases are currently being used or may be used in the future in the Roon app, so end-users should see this in the Roon app at some point, making this still a “Roon translation” :slight_smile: .


Thank you Noris, but you didn’t adress my question:
There is no incitament for me to translate marketing material from third party suppliers, nor do i want the responsibility of this. This is a sentiment that is shared by several translators, and from the Swedish perspective we simply don’t translate these parts. (We simply copy the marketing phrases in English)

Is it possible to “flag” these phrases as it would be easier to maintain a consistent and good looking interface that way?