Translation in Finnish

I’m interested in helping to translate Room UI to Finnish language.


You CAN jump right in:
Log in with same credentials used for this site.

Thanks for helping out!

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Hi @Juha_Konttinen ,

Welcome to the Roon forums! If you would like to look over translation instructions, please refer to the following guide:

I see that we don’t have the Finnish language added to our system yet, I’ll discuss with the team to see if we can add this. Would you be interested in becoming a Translation Admin for the Finnish language? Let me know!

Hi Noris,

Yes I would. I’m quite new here in Roon community and as a Roon user. But I’m already a big fan of Roon. I have used Tidal Hifi since 2016 and I think that now I have found a proper UI to use it. Roon is so elegant, handling of meta data works like a charm and it’s simple a pleasure to use.

When I visited Roon Community pages, I found out that there was no finnish translation project under way. I’m really interested in finnish translation project and I can be admin in this project if it’s needed.

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Apologies for the misleading information previously… I was convinced that there was ongoing Finnish translation work.

Ok, no problem Mikael!

Hi @Juha_Konttinen ,

We just added Finnish to the Roon Translation Database!

I’ve also put in the request to make you a translation admin, I will follow up via private message once you’ve been approved :slight_smile:

Still we dont have finnish translation?

No, UI in still not available in Finnish. I took first steps to begin with the translation, but did not quite get it how this process goes within Roon. I find this process was very slow and fragmented. I did not have time to find out what to do and how.