Translation Update!

Hey all,

Just wanted to drop a few updates here about our Translation project!

New Languages

In order for us to feel confident in a translated version of Roon, we generally want to know that a few different users have contributed and voted on the various strings, and that an Admin who speaks the language has looked over the translations. This helps ensure the translations are high quality.

We’ve had a few people get in touch about adding their languages to the system, so rather than wait to have a few translators, we’ve decided to go ahead and add these requested languages to the system. Until the majority of the app has been translated and voted on, we cannot guarantee these strings will be included in Roon. But, for now at least translations can start for our new languages! :tada:

Languages added:

  • Polish / Polski (admin @Tomasz_Nazimek)
  • Norwegian / Norsk (admin @Ole_Pettersen)
  • Brazilian Portuguese / Português Brasileiro (admin @nerone)
  • Portuguese / Português ( :bangbang: admin needed :bangbang: )
  • Swedish / Svenska ( :bangbang: admin needed :bangbang: – looking at you @Mikael_Ollars :slight_smile: )

Please PM me if:

  • You would like to be an admin for any of the languages above
  • If you would like to help translate a language not yet listed on the Translation Site

New Strings

All the strings from our recent 1.4 release have now been added to the translation system.

If your language was at 100% before, note there are a few new strings in the system. Please take a look!

Clarifications and Common Words

We know there are a number of strings that have been flagged as needing clarification. We will be going through this list over the next few days, so thanks for your patience.

Look for some new strings to be added once clarifications are added and the strings go back into the pool.

We’ve also received some suggestions for the Common Words list – we’ll be adding those soon as well.

Thanks to everyone, especially the @TranslationAdmins, for all your help! Looking forward to adding more languages and getting them all to 100%!