Transport: Device in use

After installing Roon Server on mac (CORE) I have had some issues with my windows Roon application (standar app as output). But this issue should not be related to this but to this but it has corresponded with this change.

Problem: Sometimes (now very often) when I run Roon and start any other app such as google chrome (without using youtube or other sound from chrome) and paus the music and try to start it again I get Transport: Device in use error and only way to resolve this is to reboot windows.

I use WASAPI (Exclusive mode _ event driven mode) Optical out to my arcam dac from my motherboard.

I should say that I use the WASAPI exlusive in foobar as well but there it is fine if I don’t play sound from any other app.

Off the top of my head, the first thing I would check to make sure that under the speaker properties for the optical out in control panel that you have the allow applications exclusive access checkbox checked (which is under the advanced tab).