Transport my Roon to new user on PC Windows 10

Hi Guys,

I use an Asus PC into a NAD M51. Because the whole family use my Stereo I set up Roon years ago with a Local Account User . No Windows login, open it up and it goes. This user on the computer “U Click” has recently given trouble, the START buttton doesn’t work, have the R click to shutdown, can’t open any apps/programmes as stsrt button is dead. On my admin login desktop it still works.

So I made a new user 'Music Click" and the start button works I downloaded Roon , introduced it to my 2 TB HD and music played but my History [ which I Love] and my playlists are not there anymore. All my Tidal playlists are there but not my Ronn ones.Presumably back with the other user login.

How do I get the history and playlists from the old "U Click " to the new " Click Music " user.

Thanks a lot…

Hi Keith,

The Where is my Roon database located? page in the FAQ should help. See the section Moving your database.

Do make sure the Roon is not running when you copy over the files from one user to another.