Transport: Roon lost connection with the audio device

I’ve posted this issue over in the CA tread. Both HQPlayer and MicroRendu treads.

Is there any suggestions from your side how I could solve this, or what may most likely be the source for the problem ?

I would expect that the reason for Roon loosing connection is a network issue, and how these software’s are handshaking, but I do not know. Is there anything either Sonore, HQPlayer, or Roon can edit in future releases in order to avoid this to happen ?

I only use iPad as control point.

I am no expert here but since none of my other apps I use have this sort of issue except for Roon remote, this may be caused by some threshold or timeout Roon remote has set that is causing it to think it is losing connection when perhaps it may only be a momentary loss or decline in wifi strength. I am hopeful that Roon remote can be improved to be more robust in this regard.

By saying this, you mean the iPad app, and you then also say that if I use a PC to control, this problem will not occor ?

Hi R1200CL

Its problematic when a problem is occurring between several different products. Just so I understand, when you play Roon straight to the Sonore using Roon’s RAAT protocol you have no issues. However, if you add HQPlayer and streaming to the Sonore using HQPlayer’s NAA protocol into the mix, that causes an issue because NAA is not maintaining the connection with the Sonore, and the lost connection information is transmitted back to Roon and thus Roon’s error message to you.

The issue is really most likely between HQPlayer and the Sonore’s NAA software. In the other thread, Mishka pretty much indicated as much, and went on to say that he couldn’t say more based on the HQPlayer logs, as he suggested the error was occurring on the NAA side of things; aka the Sonore.

When you use HQPlayer with Roon, after Roon sends the file to HQP, that is it, it is out of the playback chain. Once HQPlayer gets the stream from Roon it processes and send it out ITS network protocol NAA to the Sonore.

So what can you try. I would start by isolating out the Sonore from the chain temporarily for testing by substituting another NAA endpoint instead of the Sonore. That could be a NUC or one of the Raspberry Pi/Beagle microcomputers with the NAA software installed. If it has an issue with that, then perhaps you can get the logs from the machine to investigate further. If it doesn’t, then you know who to talk to.

Thanks very much. Yes you got it right :slight_smile:
Can this test you suggest be done by a Squeezebox Touch ?

I don’t think so. Squeezeboxes run their own network protocol which is not NAA. So that won’t work because it is NAA, or rather its implementation in the Sonore device, that you are testing against. If you had any spare computer - that would work (assuming you have the space), I think there is an NAA app for windows, mac or linux OS’s. It really doesn’t even need to be a good computer as you are just testing to see if the connection remains stable, not really for long term listening quality.

Yes, my laptop on the same wireless network has no connectivity issues with Roon core. I only see this issue on my Android tablet and phone once in a while.

@tboooe I don’t think you are talking about the same issue. @R1200CL is having a connection issue between HQPlayer and his MicroRendu. Roon’s remote control app (laptop or iPad) and it’s connection to the Roon Server has nothing to do with this.

oooops. My apologies. I am getting my threads mixed up.

:D, it happens to me more often than not.