Transport: Roon lost control of the audio device [Solved, Driver]

yesterday, I suddely got the following message: “Transport: Roon lost control of the audio device.” (out of a sudden, after having listened for several hours…without having changed what so ever)
I’m using several DACs (Chord Mojo, Hifiman EF2A, Aune X1s, Little dot MK2) … The problem occurs only on one of my laptops, no matter which DAC I’m using).
The laptop showing this error message is a Dell XPS 15 (9550), Windows 10 - last update on december 15th, 2016…can’t be related to the actual problem.
No problem accessing my music library (connection with fixed LAN)… audio setup looks perfect (no recent changes)…
Where to start trouble shooting ???

Thanks for helping…

Hello Udo. Welcome to the Roon forum.

I would suggest closing Roon and reopening the program. I reboot my iMac every few days as well. Is your network hard wired, or dependent on wi-fi? Could be a performance issue.

If it’s a persistent problem, you can drop a line to support, and they can provide further guidance. I had similar issues when I started with Roon and implementing HQPlayer. I have beefed up my network and it’s been pretty trouble free for me.


Thanks for your comment…I did restart Roon already several times (same for the laptop)…the problem remains. The nework connection is hard wired (no issues at all) - (message to support has already been sent…no answer yet…)…problem remains…

Someone more Windows proficient might chime in with some advice. Hope you get it all sorted out soon. Happy New Year. Robert

The Roon support guys do read all the posts on here, but to specifically reach out to them the best way is to include an @support tag in your post.

Is there any other audio software on the Dell XPS 15 (9550) that might be exclusively connecting to the DAC (thus stopping Roon from connecting to it)?


Hi Carl,

Having read your answer, I remebered that I did in fact install/uninstall a driver yesterday (the one which is delivered with the Aune X1s DAC). I’m not shure if this installing/uninstalling is really the cause of this problem, but it is certainly related to it. So, I re-installed the Dell/Realtec (ALC3266) HD audio driver, then re-installed the driver delivered by Chord’s Mojo … (I did not install the one from Aune) …and started Roon again:
Wow !, everything works perfectly again (just as before)…
Thanks Carl, you got it right…and you made my day !
Happy New Year !