TRIAL ALMOST OVER: Wife having Terrible Time Searching Opera Albums.. I mean Terrible Mess..HELP!

I recently purchased 2, 96K Wagner Ring’s from HD Tracks.
One conducted by Herbert von Karajan, and one by Christian Thielemann.
No matter what I do we can not get LIBRARY results to be consistent, or reliable.
Search for Herbert 3 albums show up, but not 4 (it is ripped as 4 separate recordings.
Search for Wagner and only 1 recording shows up.
Search for Zeigfried, and nothing shows up.
I am extremely concerned that while Roon is very pretty, it may not be as smart as it needs to be to properly search my library and consistently display results. Music should be allowed to contain more than just Beyonce or Prince.

When I do get results I can see in the title/track/album information the data is RIGHT THERE… nearly impossible to not find during a search, If you want to come onto do a REMOTE SESSION with me and look at my data I am more than happy to offer that opportunity to see a library failing these simple but required search outcomes.
I am also happy to provide the database to Roon if they would like to inspect it and learn from it.

The fact is I really really like Roon but I am still on my Trial, and most importantly Roon must search data that is visible and present to the user. I am not sure what criteria it uses, but having been in computers for 3 decades, I can see something is clearly and possibly fatally wrong with the search engine when searching for Wagner doesn’t find Wagner albums.

Please please please Roon step up, offer to call me and do a remote support session to find out what’s going on. This is too important for a community free for all, this needs real TECHNICAL SUPPORT.

BIG IDEA: Search the TRACK INFORMATION for the search, then build an ALBUM list from there, instead of maybe only searching the ALBUM data. It seems that with a little more work, the search can be 99% more accurate.

Sadly OPERA is the most complicated META data.

Help a guy survive his decision to tell his family… "Oh you will Love Roon… "


Only having had this for a few days, I am also bothered by duplication of albums, and the lack of ability to go directly to a FOLDER when I want to. I understand that many people now don’t even know what a folder is, but I like having the direct access to a folder when I want it. So please don’t hide the simple concept of folders from those of us that understand such things.

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Screenshots of the albums in Roon please. It would help.

Also, try spelling it “Siegfried”.

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Searching…Wagner doesn’t even work…
I would rather show them online…in real time the frustration… and real user experience.

It will take hours of email writing and back and forth… for months.

I pray Roon takes me up on my offer to demonstrate these issues…I have super remote control software… they can record the screen and voice…

We might help fix a big problem, especially with classical music.

Best regards,

So she was saying to me to search for “Ziegfried”…
It was my lack of Opera knowledge that did have me spell it wrong…
BUT… besides me being well… a bit too much country… I did change some settings in the LIBRARY SETUP/META DATA

To use BOTH TRACK DATA + ROON for meta, and now when I search for Wagner I am getting all the tracks…

Most likely I am going to have to BEG Roon to forgive me for ever doubting them :)…
So I will have my better half bang on this again tomorrow after the library processes these changes…

I do hope it is 110%… but as we know CLASSICAL MUSIC META data it tough.

Thanks everyone for any thoughts/ideas going forward but fingers crossed all is fixed and fine… I’ll update this tomorrow.

Good night.

When it comes to Opera releases, I set Roon to use the file meta-data for those albums.

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Thanks for the feedback…
I assumed more was better… Or might be better.
So I tried it… We will see tomorrow.


Don’t assume that the meta-data from HD Tracks are all correct. I find a little TLC getting the composer metadata in the tag right along with a few others helps enormously.

Not really Roon’s fault, they can only try and locate the best metadata. If these don’t exist then they are slightly stuck without good metadata in the files themselves.

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Just a thought, but have you tried using Roon to identify albums that it currently hasn’t recognised? That might help to improve the quality of the metadata in its database, and hence improve your searching and browsing.

You can use the Focus feature to get the list of albums that are currently unidentified by Roon. Use the Inspector to select all the albums that Roon has identified, then click the green “Identified” tag to turn it red and act as a NOT selector; i.e. display all the albums that Roon has not identified…

You can then work through the list at your leisure using the Album Editor and the “Identify Album” button to look for a better match.


I knew Roon wouldn’t let me down. Now I have something to do this weekend… Yeah… the tools look awesome I can’t wait to get in and more deeply explore the real data.

Thanks Roon.

Hi Geoff,

many thanks for that. I was looking for a way to do that type of search that and was going to post in the forum with a question. :slight_smile:

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FYI, Roon does very well with der Ring on Tidal. Search for the title in German or English and you’ll find it. Search for any of the constituent operas and Roon also finds them (including Siegfried). The Soliti 2014 Decca release available on Tidal is wonderful. Superior to the Solti CD release of a few decades ago, which I also own. Despite the fact the Wagner was an odd person and an anti-Semite, there’s no denying that the Ring cycle remains one of the greatest creative works ever produced by a human being. Too bad he wasn’t a better human being.

I guess one can’t have it all.
My favorite track is the Flight of Walkure to see how entire system os performing in the reproduction and clarity department. Pushes the limit on everything. So for that track alone I am indebted to Richard Wagner…