Trial for second device

@support I have just purchased a QNAP NAS and I would like to test Roon on my new NAS. I have already a subscription but it has been activated for the device I am already using and I would like a trial with QNAP without de-authorizing my existing device.

Is it possible to get a 30 day trial for an additional device?

De-authorising seems pretty reliable and simple to do, if you just want to try the NAS as core it would seem to be the easy option.

Thanks! I will try that. I was not entirely sure that was the correct way

Hi @Vassilis_Papaeconomo ---- I saw your post above and wanted to check in with you here to see if any progress has been made in regard to testing Roon on your NAS. Where you able to de-authorize the previous core?


Eric, it all worked smoothly. Thanks for getting back to me on that.

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