Trial User: AVR no longer available as AirPlay audio device

Core Machine (Windows 10/Roon v1.7 bld 667)

Netgear R6400. All relevant devices (Roon Core/Yahama AVR) connected over Ethernet.

Yamaha AVR RX-V481

For some reason my Yamaha AVR no longer appears as an AirPlay audio device. I was playing music via the AVR earlier today and other devices on the network can detect it, so network connectivity isn’t the issue. My phone can play music to the AVR via AirPlay without any problem, so it’s working fine. I also have an Apple TV, and that intermittently disappears and reappears from my list of Roon devices as well.

Note that Airplay via the AVR is my preferred listening choice, and I’m on my trial period. If I can’t reliably play music via my preferred device, I won’t be using Roon past the end of the trial.

Hi @Paul_McElligott,

Does the Netgear router have a setting that says Enable Smart Connect? If so, can you try disabling that and let us know if that helps?

Not that I see. Would that be under uPnP settings? Could it have a different name?

@dylan, a little update. I dug a couple of Chromecast Audios out of a drawer and hooked them back up. They work great (although playing through the group seems less reliable than playing to just one). While I was setting that up, my receiver reappeared and then just as quickly disappeared again.

My Apple TV also has a tendency to “go missing,” although less often than the receiver. It seems like the ability to detect/connect to AirPlay endpoints isn’t very stable.

Further update: since rebooting my core machine after an update, everything appears to be working. For the moment. All endpoints are showing up on the list (and the group of two Chromecasts shows up twice).

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Hi @Paul_McElligott,

Thanks for letting us know that the reboot helped sort this issue out!

If it re-occurs, I would check your Multicast settings on the router or IGMP Proxying/IGMP Snooping. These settings have sometimes helped with multicast discovery issues.

Again, I have no settings like that on my router.

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Thanks for confirming @Paul_McElligott, if the issue re-occurs please let us know and we can investigate further.

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