Trinnov first time setup [Answered]

Why doesn’t`t the iOS app find my Trinnov Altitude during setup procedure. . They are in the same network.

Hi @Adalbert_Schulz ---- Thank you for the report.

Moving forward, to help our understanding of what could be causing this behavior we will need the following information:

  • A a brief but accurate description of your current setup, using this link as a guide.

  • Please verify how the Tirnnov Altitude is communicating with your network, being sure to provide insight into all devices involved with making this connection possible.


I thought, that my Trinnov and a NAS would be sufficient to run roon. But I guess, that the Trinnov (over Ethernet) can not run as a core and my Synology 1512+ is to slow. Perhaps it would be sufficient to complete the NAS with a SSD for the roon database.

Hi @Adalbert_Schulz ---- Your Trinnov is a Roon Ready device, which means that when the application is running on your network, the Trinnov should be identified as a usable endpoint by the application. This device cannot be used to host your Roon core. You will want to run Roon (or RoonServer) (or ROCK) on another computer,NAS, or NUC that meets your needs and our system requirements.

I would recommend giving our knowledge base a read it will contain all of the pertinent information necessary to understand the product and it’s functions.

Knowledge Base: Architecture
Knowledge Base: Installing Roon
Knowledge Base: RoonServer on NAS
Knowledge Base: ROCK - Getting Started