Trinnov presets implementation into Roon by using the DSP option "Convolution"

Has anybody tried to integrate the Trinnov Room correction files into Roon? Why useful? I have only one Trinnov ST2 HIFI but another really highend Ayon-DAC/Streamer. If I could load the Trinnov setup file into Roon (option “convolution” I would be able to use the Ayon-DAC together with the results of the Trinnov Room Correction. The same question occurs with DIRAC Live.

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I’m not familiar with Trinnov, but Dirac will not let you export it’s filters. You must run the filter in Dirac. I suspect it is the same for Trinnov.
Your only option is if the ST2 has a digital output for your Ayon. For Dirac a MiniDSP SHD Studio (or similar Dirac Live device) will do the same.

Thanks, but the digital option isn’t possible - which Room EQ would you recommend in cobination with Roon? It should be easy to handle and not very cost intensive either.

I use AudiolenseXO myself. The other options are Accourate, Focus Fidelity and a few others. Then there is the free REW (Room Eq Wizard) which is very advanced but does only frequency (amplitude) corrections. Together with rePhase (also free) one can also do time domain correction. There are threads here at the Roon community on using REW and REW+rePhase
Measurements from REW can be used in Focus Fidelity, but also HAF( and Accurate Sound (

Audiolense that you are using: why did you choose this?

I’ve used Audiolense for many years (since 2010 or 11 I think) and have seen no reason to change :slight_smile:
Not many alternatives either at that time…

HAF Home audio Fidelity. Use their tool, take your own measurements & send them off to HAF. They’ll turn around filters quickly. I’ve been very happy with mine. Great Big Bang for your buck upgrade!

thanks - and it is easy to integrate into Roon? Which license model would I need for stereo only? XO or 2.0? Support is good?

You’d need XO which does time domain correction. The 2.0 version is amplitude only. Audiolense will give you standard convolution filters, the format used in Roon. There is also a menu selection in Audiolense that will create a filter set for Roon. Support is good, yes.