Trouble configuring Roon ARC via a Virgin Media Hub 3

Roon Core Machine

iMac 2015 OS 12.6 Quad i7 32GB RAM

Networking Gear & Setup Details

Virgin Media Hub 3
TP-Link Deco S7

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Chord Mojo
Rasperry Pi Ropiee

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Description of Issue

Hi I am struggling to set up port forwarding on my Virgin Media Hub 3 and my TP-link Deco S7 mesh network. I’m in the UK. I tried following the advice on the one entry I could find in the support forum from a user with a similar configuration but it did not fix it. Can you help?

Roon ARC was unable to securely access your Roon Core

Not an exact match but if you do the virgin bit of port forwarding to the 55002 might go it.

Thanks for the reply. I tried entering 55020 across the start and end ports but no change. upnp is on and enabled. What I am unclear about is, what do I enter in the ‘Local IP’ box?

This is a screen grab from the router settings for port forwarding

You probably shouldn’t mix having UPnP on and manual rules configured. Some routers don’t deal well with that

I don’t have a Virgin Hub, as I have Ziggo from the Netherlands as my ISP. And they have their own Mediabox.

However I’ve set up Roon Arc here as follows. Internet arrives in the Ziggo Mediabox which is connected through Ethernet to my ASUS router. The Ziggo is not bridged. The ASUS router handles all my network traffic.

I’ve disabled UPnP on both routers as it was interfering with the manual port forwarding rule that I’ve set on my routers.

On the Ziggo box I’ve created a forwarding rule which forwards traffic on port 55000 (which Roon uses) to my ASUS router. The Ziggo box has assigned the shown IP address to my ASUS router.

On the ASUS router I’ve created another forwarding rule. With Source IP being empty. And the Local IP and Port Number being shown by Roon in the Roon ARC settings.

It works perfectly fine here. My guess is you have to do something similar with your network setup to get Roon ARC to function.

Hey @Paul_Jennings,

I wanted to check in on this thread to see if the above information was helpful in getting Arc set up?

Let me know! :+1:

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