Trouble connecting to ROCK Core machine [Resolved]

There’s a chance that this demon has reappeared. I updated to Version 1.7 (build 555) stable on ROCK and now my remote devices (a Win10PC and and iPhone 6 SE). I get a message like this from both devices:

When I click the blue CONNECT button, I get this:

I don’t go any further, as this seems to imply that I need to unauthorize my ROCK server. My network is wired, ROCK on NUCi7, Win10PC wired, iPhone via WiFi. Setup worked perfectly until I updated yesterday to the current version. Please advise.

Hi @Holland_Wood,

If you click Unauthorize here you should be able to continue using Roon like normal. Let me know if you continue to see any issues!

Worked perfect, thanks Dylan!

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