Trouble downloading Nucleus update and accessing settings (ref#BY39IC)

Affected Product


Nucleus Model

Nucleus Rev A

Description of Issue

I need to download an update for Nucleus and it keeps cycling and won’t download or get me to settings. I think my PC is running 1303 and my Nucleus is running 1272.

RAM & Internal Storage

My Nucleus has a 750 GB HDD I installed.

Connected Audio Devices

Not using any, just connected to my Fios router with ethernet cable.

Home Network Details

Model CR1000A Verizon Router Make VZPD

Hi @John_Pluta ,

Thanks for the report here! I activated diagnostics for your Nucleus and I noticed that your Nucleus was able to update. Is the issue fully resolved on your end or do you require further assistance? Please let us know, thanks!

This is really embarrassing. I have read the Nucleus manual, but I don’t listen to music on Roon every day. I have to be missing some icons I should be able to click on. My Nucleus is on, in my file explorer I can see my music selections on my Nucleus. I have an icon for roon labs on my laptop to see my connection to roon. I click on roon labs and it takes me to Roon but how do I get to my library and settings online so i can see it on my laptop?

I do have 3 or 4 versions of rooninstaller64.exe down loading from different times. Should I delete them and keep only the latest?

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Hi @John_Pluta ,

I have re-opened your thread since it sounded like the issue is not quite fully resolved yet. According to our diagnostics system it looks like you have a Windows 11 laptop. On your Windows 11 laptop, I would use the search bar to search for the Roon App, it sounds like the icon on your laptop is a hotlink to the Roon website not the Roon app itself. You’ll want to look for an icon that looks like this:

2023-09-22 15_53_47-Settings

Then once Roon is opened you need to select the Nucleus Core/Server from the list, it looks like your Nucleus is online, so it should appear on the list. Hope this helps, but if you still have issues after, do let us know, thanks!