Trouble making share drive

I’m a new Roon user and have the software on my iMac and all my IOS devices. I am using a new Nucleus as the core, into which I installed a 2TB SSD. Intention was to copy my itunes library to the internal drive inside the Nucleus. My iMac is recent and is running 10.13.6 . My Roon Version is 1.1 (build 537).
The Nucleus is connected to my wired ethernet network. From the Nucleus, I connect it to my Anthem AVM 50V Preamp via HDMI. In another room, I have a Bluesound Node 2I connected via wired ethernet and connected to my Anthem MRX 700 receiver via both Digital Coax and analog for comparison purposes. All that works.
Now I want to set up a watched folder so the nucleus will see it. And then copy my itunes library to the drive inside the Nucleus.
So I have carefully followed the Roon knowledge and support documents an attempted multiple times the setup and have been unable to accomplish this. I HAVE formatted the Nucleus internal drive via the Roon software and the Nucleus is seen by the software.
So I have gone into the Mac system Prefs and selected sharing. I then clicked the + sign and navigated to where my music is located. After clicking ADD, it shows the Sharing window. I checked to ensure SMB was selected. On the sharing screen I carefully made note of the path for my music on the computer. I then went to Roon Settings and Storage. I entered the path into the Network Share Location. I then get a red error message saying either there was an unexpected error or invalid path.

I have included screenshots of the above procedures from my computer for your help in assisting me.

Can you help me with whatever it is I am doing wrong?



User name and password should be put in there

Hello @Stephen_Reeves and welcome to the community! wizardofoz is correct, you’ll want to add your username and password there to continue. We also have an article which details this process available here. Let us know if this helps!

OK, sorry. But I don’t see a place for username or password. So where do I put it?

It said if required. And what username and password does it want. The Roon items? Or computer items? And it was my understanding that that info was for PC users, not Mac.

The user name and password for the computer that you are sharing from…ie your Mac as per the screenshots you posted earlier. Only a guest account needs no password.

Thanks for the help. Unfortunately, it still gave me the same error messages when I did that. What about the “workgroup” field/ Do I need something there?

@Stephen_Reeves It’s case sensitive too so .local is not the same as .Local copy exactly the share name from the Mac sharing dialogue

I’m guessing this is your issue…easy mistake :blush:

Thanks for sticking with me on this. Us Mac users aren’t used to using paths etc. I was getting a little frustrated. But I think I have successfully got my Mac’s drive as a share folder. I have selected for the Core Nucleus to watch this folder and to import itunes playlist. But as I understand this process, it is not actually copying my itunes music to the internal SSD drive that I installed and formatted inside the Nucleus. Is that correct? And then how do I copy all my itunes-contained music files from my iMac to the internal drive in the Nucleus?

Thanks, Steve

It’s a simple drag and drop from the folder where they are to the folder where you want them (the Nucleus).
BUT: before you move the music, go into the Nucleus GUI and Stop the Roon Server Software. It’s not good to have Roon running when you move large clumps of music it. It can cause corruption issues.
Can you see the folder for the Nucleus on your network? I use Windows, and found it convenient to Map that folder so I can get to it easily
Instructions for Mac The path to the internal storage will be something like:
\\Nucleus\Data\Storage\InternalStorage (for Windows)
smb://192.168.1.XXX/Data/Storage/InternalStorage (where IP address is that for the Nucleus)

The. You should remove/edit the old path to the new one on the Nucleus, other restart the roon server in the nucleus web GUI

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