Trouble playing DSD files with Fiio X5iii as external DAC

Hi guys,
I’m trying to play a DSD64 track with Roon using my Fiio X5iii as an external DAC.
Track is playing but I can’ t hear anything coming out…

Here are my signal path AND my Fiio X5iii set-up. Once I disable the exclusive mode, everything plays fine except Roon downgrades the file to PCM…

Many thanks for your help !

What are you playing from, OS etc?

Roon Core is installed on a Mac Mini 2,8GHz Core i5, 8Go Ram.
OS is 10.14.2

Hello @Vincent_Baudoin,

Do you have another computer in your home you can run Roon on? This will help determine where in the playback chain this issue is occurring. Have you reached out to Fiio support about this issue?


Your USB DAC does not support DSD / DoP from USB input, only PCM up to 24/192.

A previous request to add DSD to USB DAC went unanswered:

You need to configure Roon to convert DSD to PCM.

Thank you so much for your time Peter !
This X5iii turns to be such a disappointment…
Cheers guys,

I own the Fiio X5III music player, initial firmware support DSD64 via DoP. You need to restore your firmware by downloading here.

I believe the last firmware actually worked was 1.1.5. I was active in Fiio forum and regarding on this issue, it was never fixed in the subsequent newer firmware with no obvious reasons given. You also need to install the USB-DAC ASIO driver and select ‘Fiio X5 ASIO’ instead of WASAPI.

The same issue happens when you try to output DSD (DoP) via the coaxial output from Fiio X5III to my external DAC, it shows a DoP transport stream of 176.4/24 bit with no sound but some background hiss. Hope this helps.

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Thanks a lot for your answer !

It seems an up to date Fiio X5iii does not let you install a former firmware…
The downgrading process fails and the installation aborts every time I try.

Thanks anyway for your help !
My best,