Trouble Playing My Local Library Files

My local library files keep skipping and I get this message “that an audio file is loading slowly…” .
This only happens when I play music from local library and not Tidal.

I recently upgraded my external storage 6tb to 12tb and imported my whole library. Everything was was working fine until came across here.

I also use filters with asio usb hook up. I would like to keep everything as it was before because it was working smoothly before. Is there something I need to adjust? I also rebooted roon a couple times.

My setup is: pc laptop going to smsl dac.

Start a new thread in the support category and fill in the system information template.

Thanks for applying. I made subtle changes on sample rate conversion on DSP. I originally had it at Max PCM rate (power of 2). I changed it to (for compatibility only) and it works fine. But I much pefer to use Max PCM rate (power of 2) or Max PCM rate. I also want to keep my parametric EQ and speaker setup. Like I said all of this was working fine with all these settings until I upgraded my external storage.

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