Trouble setting up Raspberry Pi

I’ve had it for a while, and it was working great in the old house, but I just moved and am having problems.

  1. It’s intermittently cutting out after it pops up in the audio source column. Poor wifi signal? Last resort is running an ethernet through the walls which is not insurmountable but would take me half a day to do. The whole reason I went with the upgraded rasp-pi was for the wifi and bluetooth.

I wouldn’t even know how to check how strong a signal the rasp-pi is getting. Can I SSH into the machine and use realVNC or similar to see how good the signal is?

The router and rasPi are separated by two walls, one of which is concrete, so that’s one of the reasons I’m obsessing about the signal.

The alternative would be to put a wifi extender in the bedroom, I guess. But like I said I’m not even sure that’s the problem.

You could try using something like WIFi analyzer to look at the signal using your tablet or phone.

Also, you could try moving it temporarily closer tot he access point.

I just put the Eero Pro mesh network system in nd it works great so far.
Before I put the Eero in I had to go to wired due to poor WiFi from my RPi.
We will see if that holds true after more testing.

I will try a network expander and see if that helps the problem.